End of October 2022 links


I’ve been reading a lot to keep my mind off things. Here’s a selection:

  • This article by Philippa Perry in the Guardian is one of the best I’ve read about self-care in a long time. I feel the guy’s guilt at feeling selfish.

  • Wouter over on Brain Baking had such a fun trip down memory lane with Visual Studio 6. I had the academic version of the short-lived Visual Basic 5.0, but it looks similar. It makes me want to break out my old Mastering VB and Delphi CDs!

  • Did you know there’s a secret staff cafeteria at Nankai Namba station, and at Osaka Airport? Something tells me a gaijin like me would stick out like a sore thumb, but Clara could probably sneak in undetected.

  • I’ve started watching the videos from EuroBSDCon 2022. This one about memory barriers by Taylor R Campbell was fascinating.

  • ozzmosis shared with me the 86box, a fork of PCem that faithfully emulates classic IBM hardware. Building our childhood 486 down to the CPU and BIOS while I’m in waiting rooms has been a genuine joy.

  • The Komi Can’t Communicate manga is a lovely, good natured look into awkward people trying to find their footing in the world.

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