Emergency Twitter offline postings


Twitter scheduled maintenance screenshot

While Twitter has its latest scheduled downtime, I'll be posting my random 140 character quips about life and what I'm doing on this site instead. Walkley award material I can assure you!

21:50 SGT, 21:50 GMT
Twitter is back online. And so ends the first installment of the "Emergency Twitter offline postings" ^_^
20:51 SGT, 20:51 GMT
False alarm. Thought Twitter was back, and I was able to post on Snitter, but Twitter site is still down. 105
20:36 SGT, 13:26 GMT
Going to try and finish all my studies this week so I have Christmas and a few days after off. Not sure if I can do it! 119
20:34 SGT, 13:24 GMT
Just came back from dinner. Appears Twitter is still offline. Damn it, been offline nearly all day! 99
18:21 SGT, 11:21 GMT
Reading up on how to tie MySQL to Ruby in a way similar to how I did it with Perl back in 2005. Wow, long time ago! 115
17:23 SGT, 10:23 GMT
"Believing the world is 5000 years old and created in 5 days isn’t a moral issue. It’s just stupid!" – Bill Maher 113
17:21 SGT, 10:21 GMT
My mum just woke up, made her dinner. Her mouth still really hurts, this chemo is nasty stuff 93
16:55 SGT, 09:55 GMT
I used to set my air con to 24/75F, now I set it to 27/80F and it feels the same! Amazing what a bit of tuning can do! 118
16:48 SGT, 09:48 GMT
I like to have clean computer workspaces, I hate having lots of windows open. Tweeting on this blog is very inefficient in that respect! 136
16:38 SGT, 09:38 GMT
And to think I was going to figure out if I could import these posts into Twitter when it came back. Could you imagine?! 120
16:30 SGT, 09:30 GMT
Excellent quote I just read on Slashdot: “Correct spelling is the new 1337″75
16:28 SGT, 09:28 GMT
Aircon people have left. I turned the one in my room on and was nearly blown out the window! Makes HUGE difference! 115
15:54 SGT, 08:54 GMT
This really makes me appreciate how easy it is to use Twitter, and how much time I clearly waste on it! Look at all these! Curse you Felix! 139
15:51 SGT, 08:51 GMT
And I’m still worried about installing Last.fm on Leopard considering how it manages to screw up X11 so much 108
15:49 SGT, 08:49 GMT
Trying to clear out a backlog of emails that have accumulated 61
15:34 SGT, 08:33 GMT
Ah it’s all good. I restarted the VMware Fusion server and all is good again. Whew! 83
15:33 SGT, 08:33 GMT
What the hell? None of my VMware Fusion virtual machines are detecting my keyboard?! 84
15:23 SGT, 08:23 GMT
Somehow posting these entries on my blog just doesn’t feel the same, or as spontaneous 86
15:18 SGT, 08:18 GMT
Aircon servicepeoples just arrived to service our aircons. What a redundant sentence! 85
15:16 SGT, 08:16 GMT
Started Twitterring on my website while Twitter has scheduled maintenance… in the early afternoon! 100

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