Eighth of the eighth, 2023


Here are eight disparate thoughts for the day:

  • Symmetrical dates like this bring everyone together, whether you use the superior YYYY-MM-DD ISO and East Asian date format, the global DD-MM-YYYY format, or North American MM-DD-YYYY. I love my American friends, but the order of your dates make absolutely no sense.

  • 08-08 looks like a pair of glasses a manga character would wear to express confusion.

  • Eight is the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. It’s still so ingrained from living overseas that I wouldn’t pretend I don’t believe in a tiny bit of it. Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: if I think the day will be lucky and good, the chance is higher it will be.

  • I just updated pkgsrc on an older box, and got eight outdated packages. If I had one fewer, it’d only be seven.

  • This is not the eighth point in this list. If it was, it’d be the eighth point.

  • I’d say I owe my lovely readers eight email replies, but that would be underplaying it by at least eight others.

  • I’m posting this at 08:08, but I’d be tempted to post at 18:00 so I could also talk about what I ate on the eighth of the eight. Mmm, that’s a quality pun.

  • This list has eight items, including this one. Is that a cheat? Almost certainly.

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