EDS and CSC Are Gonna LOVE This Article!


Interesting post regarding my part of the world in response to this post on Slashdot:

South Australia seems to have an addiction to its EDS contract,
but there are more students studying IT, hopefully to take jobs
in SA Gov’t, to help position itself in an EDS-free place, “any
day now”… ;-)

A EDS-story has been cirulating in recent years:

The Adelaide Crows (Aussie Footy Team) needed a web site, &
EDS (reportedly) won the contract, after submitting a bid
which estimated it would take 4+ weeks and cost Au$ 32,000.

In fact, the project took just 2 weeks… Too bad a local
South Aussie web making business couldn’t have been the
winner, in this case.

(SA also has a “whole-of-gov’t” contract with Microsoft,
that calls for penalties whenever a non-Microsoft server
is added to the gov’t N/W in contract’s scope, ie, for
the first time (replacing an -old- UNIX server by the
same -old- version of UNIX may not lead to a penalty).)

How do such contracts get written or won?

There are very few palms to be greased & a company like
EDS has a lot of “grease” to offer, or so we suppose…

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