UPDATE: My comment was deleted from Ed Bott’s article. The plot thickens.

Remember when Robert Scoble said people like us had privacy angst? Ed Bott is joining him with this colourful article about Windows 10.

I'm dead serious. There is apparently a growing and very vocal population of people who believe that Windows 10 is basically a 1984 telescreen come to life. They are convinced that with Windows 10 Microsoft has built a spying apparatus not seen since the height of the Cold War, scraping up every detail of your life and feeding it back to Redmond for who knows what nefarious purposes. [..]

But most importantly, they are wrong, terribly wrong. And they're being whipped into a frenzy, or at least passively aided by the tech press.

Whipped into a frenzy? About telescreens and Cold War analogies? Who would do such a thing?

I wrote a response yesterday:

There are legitimate privacy concerns about Windows 10, as there are about Google, and Spotlight search in OS X, and Ubuntu's Amazon links. It's regrettable when journalists and commentators dismiss those who ask these questions as being tinfoil hat wearers.

Fortunately, rather than engaging in reductio ad absurdism, there are people writing scripts to help those who are required to run this OS:


As for the charge that those with a "network analyzer" haven't found anything, I refer you to Peter Bright's article in Ars Technica.