eBay shipping times for Brazillian Russians


Arty-ZIF to Compact Flash adaptor card

Just won an Arty-ZIF to Compact Flash adaptor card on eBay, and was quoted this interesting table from the seller showing the percentage statistical liklihood of my item arriving depending on what part of the world I'm residing in.

5-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 40
US 5.20 50.00 29.70 10.40 4.70 refund
UK 9.90 63.20 19.10 3.40 4.40 refund
Canada 2.00 45.10 31.40 17.60 3.90 refund
Australia 21.40 52.10 14.30 7.20 4.00 refund
Germany 11.10 22.20 30.30 20.90 15.50 refund
Brazil/Russian 0.50 8.60 43.80 28.10 15.00 refund
Pluto Undeliverable, no longer a planet refund
Rigel 7 Now we’re just being silly refund

According to this hard data, I'll most likely have my new adaptor in 11 to 15 business days, because I'm not a Brazillian Russian.

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