This is one of the more esoteric reviews I’ve done here over the years, but this cleaner has no business being this good.

A bottle of Dr Beckmann's

Our studio apartment in Chatswood has cream carpet, and a kitchenette perilously close to it. I’m also among the clumsiest people I know, and I make it a habit of spilling coffee while juggling the heavy balcony door, laptop, and cables… as I just did this morning.

We decided upon moving into the aforementioned residential establishment to have a few strategically-placed bottles of carpet cleaner on emergency standby for the inevitable spills. Dr Beckmann’s Floor Carpet Stain Remover has easily been the best.

Among its most desirable attributes:

  • The bottle is large but flat, rendering it easy to grip when one is panicking about the latest potential hit to their rental deposit.

  • It comes pre-installed with a handy brushy-thing, which performs triple duty as a liquid frother, applicator, and scrubber. The centre is a giant blue sponge for holding the liquid, and the outer bristles help to penetrate the carpet fibres.

  • We vacuum anyway, but strictly speaking it doesn’t require it. This is especially useful if you poured your morning coffee on the ground right before an hour-long client call.

I was not paid in anything other than clean carpet for this post.