Downgrading back to Mac OS X Leopard


The Application Finder can't be opened, error -10810

This could be the first time I've ever downgraded an Apple OS.

As we speak I'm downgrading the Snow Leopard partition on my trusty old Core Duo 2006 MacBook Pro back to Leopard (and while I'm at it, I'm finally getting around to upgrading the FreeBSD partition to 8.0!). I kept waiting for updates to fix the severe stability problems in the Finder, my FireWire 800 ExpressCard and my iMovie HD plugins, but I've decided to give up for now.

As I always say, I love Apple hardware and software, but I'm not afraid to call them out when they do something wrong or if there's a better alternative. This hardware may be old and crappy, and it could very well be a problem with third party software not the OS itself, but the reality is it's still my primary production machine and I need it working reliably. Leopard on this machine was solid as a rock.

Goodbye Menlo, I'm going to miss you :'-(

And as a pre-emptive reply to what I assume will be a few comments, I think it's great that Snow Leopard works so flawlessly on your machine, but this has no bearing on my own circumstances. And to those who may simply accuse me of using weird software or that it's my configuration's fault for Snow Leopard not working well not Snow Leopard itself, you obviously skimmed this post without reading it. Skimmed sounds like pasteurisation. Can you pasteurise blog posts?

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