DOS and sex-ed feedback by @ozzmosis, @Georgiecel


The @ozzmosis commented on my DOSKEY post:

@Rubenerd Re: DOSKEY, 4DOS ( replacement) also does tab completion. Worth a look if you’re not familiar with it. PS. You’ve misspelled “enhanced” a few times on your blog.

I was aware of 4DOS in the context of people doing tricks to get more conventional memory, but thus far I haven’t tried it. I’ll take a look.

Also, I have no friggen idea why I spelt it enchanced. The superfluous letter C is nowhere near the other letter keys that make up that word. A recursive grep across my post folder didn’t come up with anything else, so it was hopefully a one time copy-pasta derp.

And @Georgiecel commented on my sex education post:

@Rubenerd Round of applause 👏 for your blog post on respecting sex education. What you mentioned is true of conservative families – I grew up in one, and what I learned in school was my first knowledge in that area. It needs to go hand in hand with physical health education.

Thanks! Hope the leg is getting better :O. My broken ankle was easily the most amount of pain I’ve ever experienced on anything ever ever ever. What’s worse about legs and feet is you can’t just throw them in a sling and call it a day, it affects your mobility for everything. I definitely had newfound respect for people using canes and wheelchairs, I had to do that for six months and I was a whinging little crybaby the whole time.

But I digress! I must plead ignorance to knowing what it’s like to grow up in that kind of family environment, though I had plenty of friends for whom sex education was the first time they were made aware of it. This is why education is so critical.

Physical health is another important aspect to this. I’ll admit I didn’t take PE seriously in high school; in fact I openly mocked it. Much of this stemmed from our teacher repeatedly brainfarting “cancer is always a lifestyle disease” in class, one time then looking at me and saying “no offence”. Without thinking, I called him a fuckwit, and walked out. My parents were proud, and curiously I didn’t get detention or anything.

But I digress, again! I remember learning the food pyramid well into the 2000s in those classes, I hope they’re onto something else now.

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