Don’t look now, it’s a useless 1666 post!


I didn't "reuse" this image from previous posts, I… "recycled" it!

Don't look now, but according to the Official Rubenerd Blog Counter depicted in the header of this Official Rubenerd Blog, this is post number 1666. If we afford ourselves a favourite trick of the Nostradameans (the fans of the "bad poet with a paranoid streak" as Penn Jillette put it) we can derive meaning from this figure by dropping the "1" therefore leaving ourselves with the number 666. Scary stuff! Now if only I can remember why this number is scary. Is it because there was 666 Rascals? Is it because it's a triangular number? Probably some myth thing right?

The last time this number appeared here was in early 2008 when we all witnessed the publishing of blog post number 666. Funny how these kinds of things come around full circle isn't it? I don't get it.

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