Disruption from Sydney, and keyboards


Today I had the giddy pleasure of talking with some really nice, crazy smart nerds doing wonderful things. I knew several on Twitter, but meeting them in the flesh (oh my) was rather something else. The word “disruption” has been used enough to have lost all meaning, but in their field this outfit in Sydney is ready to take on the world. And they already are.

With regards to recent topics though, the keyboards of choice for these veritable electronic craftsmen were interesting. Of all the different types and styles, it seems that Cherry MX switches really have won out over competing tech. Among a Microsoft Natural Keyboard (I can haz split MX?) I counted no fewer than three such Cherry specimens.

During my needlessly obsessive exhaustive research, I’d discounted the MX Reds and Blues for either not having enough tactile feedback or being too noisy. Hearing them today, feeling one for myself (oh my) and talking to their owners though, both seem compelling. I’d chosen the Browns (or Clears, if I can find) on account of their tactile bump and less loud tactile feedback, but the Blues and Reds were both far quieter than the buckling spring I’m using right now!

Thanks guys, you’ve made my search for a secondary keyboard that much harder.

As for the above image? This was a press image or Corsair for their latest full colour backlit Cherry MX switches. While I care little for a backlight given I don’t look at the keys when typing, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a cloudy trance staring at them.

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