are spammers


I got some more “you wrote about X, can you link to me?” spam, this time from And of course they followed up.

My name is Carrie Smith, I’m a Research Manager here at and I wanted to reach out about your post on your website - I found it to be really helpful!

After reading through your site and seeing the topics you cover, I thought I’d connect with you and share our recently published resource on web hosting, as it might be something your readers would find useful.

Manton Reece also talked about the scourge of this back in 2020.

Before you fall into the trap of thinking this is a legitimate outfit, I’ve received multiple emails from them using various obfuscated email addresses. The last was from Legitimate businesses don’t do this.

Consider this a name and shame, If you get email from them, do us all a favour and train your spam filters against them. I’ve also reported them to their hosts.

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