Digg is back, and spamming us


Remember Digg? The site Reddit ripped off, Digg was a social news site where the most “digged” stories bubbled to the top. After a botched v4 release, the site withered away, to be relaunched as Digg Reader last year. It’s actually pretty good.

And then, like PayPal did a few years ago, they launched a new email newsletter.

If you’ve been to Digg in the last year, you probably noticed some changes. Some big changes.

One thing that has not changed, though, is your email address.

Below is a preview of something we call The Daily Digg, a brief overview of our top stories delivered to your inbox. If it’s not your thing, of course please unsubscribe. But if you’re at all interested in finding the best and most current stories on the Internet without the clutter and noise, we think you might enjoy sticking around.

Hope you’re well.

-The Digg Team

Why are services sending us messages we didn’t ask for? Frankly, if you have to assure people they can stop receiving your messages, that should tell you something about them.

(I wrote a follow–up post to this in August)

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