My sister found this picture entitled "A Brush with Death" by ~takeru-san in late March and subsequently laughed so hard we had to replace three windows. Glaziers aren't cheap.

I saw a small version of this picture by ~stardriv several years ago and by chance stumbled upon it again just recently.

I really like this persons work, the colours and style remind me of the graphics from Magic The Gathering (Wikipedia) cards I used to collect when I was in primary school. In fact I collected the cards for the art long after I stopped playing the game. Good thing about doing that is the criteria for cards being "good" and "bad" change, so cards my friends discarded I got to keep. Even my mum said she loved the artwork, she used to paint in a similar style when she was in her 20s.

Yes, I used to collect Magic The Gathering cards and watch Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z, shaddup!