Safari in 2017


I used Safari as my default browser for a week in 2015, but went back to Firefox. I wondered if much had changed in the intervening time, so I tried again.

The bad

  • The lack of favicons still make horizontal tabs difficult to differentiate.

  • The narrow address bar persists, with a huge waste of space either side. I appreciate the Apple UX teams are trying to reduce the need for user-facing URLs, but we’re not there yet, and we need to see them.

  • No sidebar tabs, or extensions to get them. Once you’ve used a browser with stacked tabs this, shoehorning everything into a thin horizontal bar feels like madness.

But the good

  • Ellis Tsung’s uBlock Origin for Safari has mitigated many of the problems I had with Safari two years ago. For privacy and ad whitelisting, you needn’t look further.

  • It’s still smooth as silk; definitely the fastest browser on the Mac.

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