Dell down, Microsoft makes hardware move


Dell and Microsoft's failed PlaysForSure

Dell's profits are way down, and Microsoft makes a move that could scare beige box makers even more.

CNET is reporting in an article surprisingly titled Dell earnings down 54 percent that Dell's earnings are down 54%. What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders ^_^.

This comes on the heels of Microsoft's downright bizarre move to brand an Acer notebook computer as their own, presumably in an attempt to deliver the same vertical experience Apple does. Much as they abandoned their PlaysForSure partners (with an outdated web page to boot) and went with their own integrated Zune system, could this be a sign Microsoft are willing to start their own hardware business to compete with their own partners in the personal computer space?

The recession, these moves by Microsoft, the razor thin profit margins on netbooks, it's certainly not a good time to be a beige box PC manufacturer. Especially when your products are being sold in stores where creepy, cringeworthy things like this happen. Run away!

I agree with No Illusions and G'day World host Cameron Reilly's comment on Twitter, it's almost as if Microsoft's strategy is to be as lame and embarrassing as possible. Another example of programmers and engineers like Nick Hodge being stifled by management and a marketing department that are so breathtakingly out of touch with the outside world it beggars belief.

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