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It's just one of those things: when you start unpacking a after moving house you rediscover all this old crap you probably hadn't looked at for years. In this case I stumbled upon not one, but two pieces of old Ansett Australia memorabilia!

If you didn't know, Ansett was an Australian airline that went belly-up in 2001 due to financial mismanagement, rising costs and lower passenger numbers after the 11th of September attacks in the US. We'll blame Air New Zealand ;)

Ansett Australia Boeing 747-300 model

This was an older model I finished of a 747-300, you can tell it's not a -400 series because it doesn't have the winglets. The weird camera angle is the result of my trying to disguise the fact that during the move the starboard wing had snapped off. Yes, it has only one wing. You can't tell though… right? ;)

Ansett Australia Boing 727-200 model

The second model was a kit for a Boeing 727-200 my dad picked up in Japan of all places, with all the original parts and little paint jars. Good times.

Being a business traveller my dad and us had flown with them extensively during the 90s before we moved to Singapore and SIA became my favourite airline ;). We always preferred them to QANTAS, the service was generally better even though the planes they flew were older.

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