David Francey

With the exception of most country music, I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to music on Whole Wheat Radio when I can. I pretend it's primarily because I enjoy supporting independent musicians, but the main selfish reason is actually because I just like the music!

Of the artists I've heard and subsequently researched myself is David Francey, a Scottish musician who lives in Canada. Usually I'm not such at a loss for words to describe music (or wine, or coffee), but for some reason this was the best review I could give!

I know I tagged David’s artist page here ages ago, but having just heard him sing again I felt I needed to put something here. As I’ve eluded to previously here I’m not a music expert (and the irony isn’t lost on me that I’m saying this on a music site) and therefore don’t know what words I’m supposed to use to describe this art form, but I do know what I like and I love David Francey’s music. A frustratingly vague review I know, but just putting it out there :). –Ruben (talk/contribs) 23:41, May 14, 2009 (AKDT)

A few of his CDs are on my CD Baby wish list. When I get paid for my next project I might indulge in some, along with some delightfully offbeat hilarity in the form of Eric Schwartz. ^_^