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Dave Winer

I'm socially awkward, anxious, terribly shy and I tend to obsess about obscure and unconventional things, but I was like that before I started blogging! That notwithstanding, Dave Winer has an excellent post on Scripting News about the stereotypes surrounding bloggers in Hollywood movies.

[State of Play was a] remake of a brilliant BBC series that was so bad, that portrayed the blogger in such a superficial and humiliating fashion, that I actually walked out in disgust. (A movie has to be very bad for me to walk out on it.)

I’d love to see a movie that captures the heroic spirit of blogging. Like all inspiration, it’s rare, but that’s why it’s worth making a movie about. The story of the nobility of blogging largely remains, imho, untold.

Here friggen here. It probably won't change for a long time though, unless people start developing clichés about Twitter users instead and bloggers are given a break. That could work.

By the way, I don't equate my pointless blog here with people out there doing real work and producing amazing citizen journalism and analysis, but we're all bloggers and I'm as frustrated as Dave sometimes with the way bloggers (and tech people in general) are portrayed in films.

On an unrelated note, I first posted about Dave Winer on my blog here in 2006 when I said he looked a bit like my dad in the above photo (Dave Winer versus Rainer Schade). Turns out they look nothing alike in the real world ;).

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