Dark mode theme now live


The devilishly-handsome proprietor of The Geekorium noted on Mastodon that this site you’re reading now has a dark mode theme. If your OS or window manager is set to a dark theme, and you’re reading these words on the site instead of an RSS aggregator, you should be basking in darkness now.

I’ve long had a second, dark theme for the site listed in page headers called “Night Style”, but I think only Opera surfaced the option to switch to it. I see almost no hits to it either, so it’s likely nobody ever knew about it, let alone used it.

I didn’t realise you only needed a CSS media query to implement dark mode it in an existing theme, so I quietly added it a week ago to test. It’s a work in progress and far from perfect yet, but better than nothing.

Curiously, I find dark modes exacerbate my headaches and eye strain, and makes words harder to read. Medical research seems to bear this out, but I think personal preference is just as important. If you’ve indicated with your theme that you prefer dark modes, I’d like to be able to accommodate that.

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