Darjeeling teas and anime figures


Darjeeling saying Can't Handle the Elegance?!

As I sit here on this overcast, drizzly Sydney afternoon, I'm keeping myself warm and alert with a steaming cup of Darjeeling tea. I've sampled many fine brews over the years, but none match the refined, gentle taste or aroma of this tea from the Darjeeling Valley of India.

One of my fondest memories is sharing a pot of this tea with my beautiful departed mum in the Dôme cafe in KLCC. As with Singapore, Kuala Lumpur is extremely humid and warm, but in the late morning with a gentle breeze wafting through the open windows at the front of the café, we could have sat there all day. It was a wonderfully relaxing reprieve from the oncology ward, yet it also sparked so many fascinating conversations.

Könnte ich eine Tasse Tee haben?

Now I have another reason to like Darjeeling! Clara and I have yet to see Girls und Panzer, but the premise looks fascinating. From their Wikia:

Girls und Panzer is set in an alternate universe where a sport known as "Panzerfahren," or the art of fighting tanks, exists. The sport is practiced entirely by girls and women and is considered feminine. The series follow the girls of Ooarai Girls Academy as they learn about, operate, and battle with all kinds of tanks against other tanking schools while forming bonds with their machines and each other.

One of the supporting characters in the series is Darjeeling, a graceful British tanker rarely seen without her eponymous beverage. Among her famous British WWII mottos, this stands out as my favourite:

"No matter how fast we go, or no matter how many hits we take, I will never spill my tea.

Oh I say, PVC old bean!

This attitude apparently also applies to her obligatory beach outings, made famous with numerous official artworks in the usual art magazine suspects. I ask you, what could be classier than drinking tea from fine china on a beach?

Darjeeling Beach Queen figureDarjeeling Beach Queen figure

Late last year, we got news that Darjeeling would be receiving a Beach Queen rendition. Donning her braided hair and frilly white mizugi, her resemblance to her official art (pictured below) is uncanny. And of course she comes with a cup of tea, and a picnic basket presumably to store more tea.

Honestly, would someone that classy be seen wearing anything else?

Darjeeling Beach Queen figureDarjeeling on the beach

Wave's Beach Queen figure line has earned notoriety for generic designs that seem less about expressing character, more about parading as many people as possible in swimwear. That said, they are capable of brief bouts of brilliance, such as this Saber who Clara was nice enough to surprise me with last year. It may be worth researching the sculptors for each of these to see who makes these standouts.

Time for some more tea, me thinks. Maybe I need to get some white board shorts.

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