Czech Republic suspends #ACTA


Since we took a detour through Bavaria over to the Czech Republic on our last Europe trip, I've been really interested in the country. Of the former Eastern Bloc states, it's arguably the most developed and integrated with Western Europe, yet it still retains the Koruna. Classical buildings stand beside Soviet style blocks, and brand new complexes. They make goulash and dumplings [dare I say!] better than the Germans! Politically, culturally and economically, it's a fascinating crossroads, and well worth keeping up to date with their news.

ACTA of course is the Orwellian Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that was largely been drafted and legislated in secret. Now the Czech Republic and Poland are showing the West how to do democracy; at least better than what the likes of the United States and Australia have done of late. Twenty years ago, who would have thought.

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