Current ThinkPads with HiDPI


Sometimes I window shop MacBooks and ThinkPads for FreeBSD, even if I have no intention or money to buy one yet. I’ve been spoiled by MacBook Retina screens for photos and shells, but most ThinkPads don’t have an equivalent. That’s fine though; MacBooks don’t have an equivalent keyboard… oh snap.

These are the current models that claim to have a minimum 2× HiDPI display option. Some I clicked through every single SKU and still couldn’t customise them with the display they claim to have; but they seem to change fairly regularly.

13-inch, with 3K

14-inch, with 1440p (Retina-ish)

15.6-inch, with 4K

17-inch, with 4K

  • P73: 4K: Quadro P620, T2000, RTX

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