By and large, spammers seem to have lost their creative zeal. In a pinch, they can spearfish or render a comically–bad bank notice, but they don't put the literary effort or leaps of logic that they used to.

The good news is, there are still seemingly those dedicated to the craft. Below is an excerpt from one I received today:

I was analyzing your site and it seems that some of your website rankings have dropped. It is due to non optimized techniques/errors

And Google guidelines not being followed properly. As you know that Google’s crawler is software and work on coding basis only.

That’s why site coding portion should be strong for better results.

We've all read SEO snakeoil, but this is the first time I've read "Google uses code, so you should make yours better!" as an argument. Well played.

For what its worth, the Bourne shell and Go code that generates this site is rather fabulous, thank you very much.