This came from a pamphlet distributed to everyone in our apartment building. Some of this would only be specific to Australia, but I’m passing on in case it’s useful.

Looking after your health and well-being during COVID-19

These are unprecedented times and it is normal to experience a wide range of feelings and emotions. When we experience concern for our own and for others well-being, it is import to acknowledge that these are natural and common reactions:

  • Irritability and trouble reliaxing
  • Feelings of stress and confusion
  • Nervosness and concer
  • A racing mind with many thoughts at once
  • Eagerness to help
  • Restlessnes and disturbed sleep

While responeses are likely to affect everyone in different ways, looking after our well-being during this time can help to reduce the level of stress and help us to feel calmer.

Tips and strategies for looking after yourself

Acknowledge your feelings and focus on daily self-care habits to support a healthy mind and body:

  • Eat a range of healthy foods and maintain a balanced diet

  • Connect with loved ones and those you care about

  • To help manage stress and anxiety start a daily mindfullness practice. For tips and tricks, visit or

  • Maintain your exercise routine: even 30 minutes of movement per day will help your well-being

  • Minimise alcohil consumption

  • Unplug now and then: aim to get the news you need and not much more

  • Maintaining a routine with some fun and interesting activities will help keep thoughts and feelings healthy.

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