Could not chdir to fulljail


I’ve been meaning to try iocage on FreeBSD, but Dirk Engling and the team have done such a good job with ezjail, I keep using it for everything. But I was reminded of an issue when using ezjail on standard zroot installs.

FreeBSD instances on OrionVM are installed into a zroot ZFS pool by default. I would know, I built them! You can live-attach a second disk and use that for your jails, but on a whim I decided to use my existing zroot. But in doing so, I had this come up:

# zfs create zroot/jails
# ezjail-admin install -r 12.0-RELEASE
==> base.txz             147 MB  844 kBps 02m58s
==> tar: could not chdir to '/usr/jails/fulljail'
==> Error: Package install script for base failed.

There are two solutions. The easiest is to create it where it’s expected to find it by default:

# zfs create zroot/usr/jails

Or create as normal, but set the mountpoint:

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/usr/jails zroot/jails

And now new jail creates worked.

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