Update 2020-04-03: The timestamp on this post was seeminly an insufficient indication of how seiously this post should be taken! Though I’m curious that once again those digusting cookies generated the most surprise.

Being stuck at home with my thoughs and a well-worn coffee mug has given me a chance to reflect on things that don’t merely exist in mirrors. That was a top shelf joke. I’m now willing to concede my reservations with the following were either somewhat or entirely misplaced:

  • Socks with artificial fibres
  • btrfs
  • Oreos and Oreo-flavoured snacks
  • OpenStack
  • USB-C connectors
  • Bagels with sweet toppings
  • HTML email and Electron applications
  • Tenuous blog lists

This was originally going to be a tweet, but I’ve someone returned to a sabbatical on that platform after a day of activity again.