Coolio Lyrics


Coolio is awesome, he's music is like some sort of good rap!

"See You When You Get There" (1997) actually has some pretty deep lyrics… especially for a rap song!

Verse 3 Lyrics:

The realest homies that youve been knowing for the longest
But some aint missing a good thing until its gone
Could have built an empire if not for the jealousy that divides us
We prefer to keep our eyes shut to describe when
Its something wrong and we desire
So hold your head up high if your poor and righteous
I know time seems right
And the problems seem endless
But at times of despair we gotta pull ourselves together
And if you fell youre out the game then you need to get back in it
Coz nothing worse than a quitter
You gotta face responsibility one day, my brother
So gather up your pity and turn it to ambition
And put your vehicle and drive and stop by my side

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