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Cooking toffee, by kawaiikiri on Flickr

While I sit here lamenting software versioning, Clara has gone ahead and written a post about hard toffee. I'm sorry, that joke wasn't terribly sweet.

I've always been more of a fudge kind of guy, or at least for as long as I attempted to make toffee as a teenager, and created fudge by accident. It's the same way I accidently made scones when I tried to bake bread. In any event, Clara's latest effort has allowed me to see the error in my ways; there is lots to love about toffee!

Clara has lots of interesting tidbits sprinked into her post, including her use of silcon cups to prevent those nasty strips of paper sticking to your culinary creations. If you're interested in sweetness, check it out.

And before you ask, this was not a paid promotional post. Unless you count free samples as payment ;).

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