Earth Hour in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, Australia

There are lots of conspiracy theorists on Twitter which I think mirrors their high degree of exposure on the internet in general. Without a reliable way of checking and verifying facts in many circumstances online, this breeds such ideas like a week old loaf of bread does mould. That's fine though, as well as people aren't getting hurt it's just free speech asserting itself.

I never thought I would consider myself a member of the conspiracy theory clique, but I am a conspiracy theory conspiracy theorist. I am of the opinion conspiracy theorists around the world are members of a loose, underground alliance designed to distort facts, spread misinformation and sew seeds of doubt in order to disrupt scientific, political and technological progress, all while using the guise that they're the ones trying to expose said shenanigans. It's very clever!

When conspiracy theorists saying the world is changing and there's a New World Order being established, I assert they would know better than anyone else because they're the ones guilty of perpetrating it, whether they realise it or not.

Look out conspiracy theorists, I'm onto your conspiracy! Who's the sheeple now? ;-)