Conroy responds to critics… online?


No Filter, No Censorship, No Great Firewall of Australia

In an article ripe with brash generalisations and blatant misinformation, Senator Conroy has directly attacked the critics of the proposed mandatory Great Internet Filter of Australia in a posting to The Punch.

The heading of his piece states:

Conroy: Don’t believe the myths on the ISP filter

You mean the myths that it won't be an electronic Edsel and not a Titanic waste of taxpayers money? And what about this gem right in the second paragraph:

The Government has always maintained there is no silver bullet when it comes to cyber safety and we have never said ISP-level filtering alone would help fight child pornography or keep children safe online.

Then, prey tell, what is the point senator?

The irony that someone would defend their moves to push Australia's online civil liberties and free speech towards PRC and North Korean territory by publishing an article online is breathtaking. I have an idea sir, I find you ramblings offensive, can I have them filtered?

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