Senator Conroy

I apologise, I know I only just posted about The Great Firewall of Australia again, but this quote was just too good to pass up:

Conroy also stated in Senate Estimates yesterday, “Google were very happy to block China’s material right up until they found out they had hacked their source code and suddenly discovered that censorship was a bad idea — after they had hacked their source code. But they block in a number of other countries.

You read that right, no more smoke and mirrors: after dodging the question so many times in Senate debates Senator Steven Conroy has openly (though backhandedly) admitted his plan is just like the one in the PRC. To afford myself some current internet language: it was a Freudian slip of EPIC FAIL-ness.

His explanation that Google left China simply because of source code theft also shows his breathtaking lack of computer knowledge, politics and current events. And he is the minister in charge of The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. And while we're at it, Australian department names are far too long.

Be afraid, be very, very afraid.