The Loop linked to this worrying story in Digital Camera World about the future of Nikon, specifically their “71% decrease in earnings and an almost 15% drop in revenue”. This represents a decrease in unit sales “to less than one-sixth in comparison to fiscal 2012”.

At least part of this can be attributed to developing their new mirrorless cameras, which I’m unreasonably excited to try. I love my Olympus OM-D E-M10 II, but I’m hoping for my next camera to be full frame, and I have a soft spot for Nikon for introducing me to SLR photography in the mid 2000s. Or at least, a soft spot in the parts of the frame that I left out of focus by using a tight aperture.

(One of my two pancake lenses for the E-M10 recently kicked the bucket, which has me wondering which ecosystem to buy into. With what for money though, given my next major purchase might be a camcorder).

But it does concern me a little. On the consumer side they’re battling increasingly competent mobile phones that pass the Richard P. Gabriel test, and they’re many years behind Sony’s runaway success Alpha cameras. Canon also have their new mirrorless range, which I don’t know much about.

The irony also isn’t lost on me that I wrote an entire post about cameras without a single photo. One day I’ll make our Lychee install public, I promise!