Computers for Real People™?


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I don't usually create posts here just to republish comments I've written on other sites, but EdibleHat's latest adventures with a botched Windows Update patch got me to thinking about the state of computers for Real People™.

Was worth reading just for your “and CDs are as cheap as chocolate eggs” analogy :). Glad to see you got this figured out.

I’ll save my usual Microsoft bashing and jeering and just say it’s experiences like this that demonstrate just how far we have to come to make computers accessible to people who’s lives and/or work don’t revolve around them. Wow that was a long sentence. Perhaps Apple is somewhat closer than Microsoft on this, but OS X still has enough tricky quirks to make a Genius bar or a phone call to a techy friend necessary. And I love FreeBSD, but I certainly wouldn’t make anyone who doesn’t love it and computers in general use it!

For all the brewhar about the closed nature of the iPad, perhaps that’s the direction computers for “real people” should be heading.

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