Computer displays for anime figure scenes?


With so many figs (and a couple more since my birthday, thanks to Clara!), I’ve been giving more thought to photo opportunities. I haven’t really done a proper shoot since at least 2009 when Kallen and I were acquainted.

Taken by Pandafigures on, the above image shows our beloved Princess of the Crystal from the 2010 cult hit Mawaru Penguindrum. For fans of the series, the imagery of the urban subway is instantly recognisable.

I’d long wondered whether we could use computer displays to mockup a scene. The main concern I had regarded overexposure of the screen, or the fig becoming an indiscernible dark shadow in the centre of an otherwise lovely background. Under certain circumstances and for certain characters, the latter may be quite an interesting effect, but if I’m taking a picture with a meadow or daylight scene the effect wouldn’t be great.

Needless to say, this photo has rekindled my interest. Assuming of course, e-ink Kindles could display colour. Perhaps the [chroma?] key would be to flood the subject with enough light from the front to balance the background, or reducing the brightness of the display to the point where it’s closer to the intensity as the surrounding room. In either case, maintaining colour balance would still probably be challenging.

Or, I suppose, one could just shoot RAW and adjust the exposure around the figure. An optical solution is always a better one though. Worth a try!

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