Common Fedora GCC problems


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It seems all I had to do was mention Fedora a few times and I started getting technical support emails :). I'm still more of a FreeBSD guy, but I hope these help.

Problem 1: No GCC Installed

configure: error:no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

This happens if you're attempting to build a C application and you don't have the GNU Compiler Collection installed. Most likely this was because you installed Fedora using the Live CD which (I think, feel free to correct me) doesn't have it, but it's easy enough to install:

# yum install gcc

Problem 2: No GCC-C++ installed

configure: error:installation or configuration problemC++ compiler cannot create executables.

Similar problem as above:

# yum install gcc-c++

Problem 3: No grilled cheese sandwiches

The solution:

% echo Grilled cheese sandwiches

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