Comments on FeedLand roadmap


Dave has announced some changes coming to FeedLand, and is accepting comments. I feel like it’s fitting to blog about them.

I’ve love to host a server. I’m not a JS developer, but I’d also happily contribute docs or finances if it’d help.

I see it as natural a thing to do as hosting WordPress, MediaWiki, and the static-generated site you’re reading now. It achieves a few things:

  • I like the security and control of my data that comes from self-hosting things. I trust Dave, but it always feels good being able to see the tables and code for yourself.

  • There’s the potential for integration with other stuff you host.

  • It reduces the load on Dave’s servers, as little as it may be.

I’ll be interested to see what the technical requirements are. I briefly ran a Node.js and MariaDB stack on FreeBSD (my preferred server OS) for Ghost, so I’d expect the toolchain to be similar.

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