COMEX Singapore 2007 expedition


COMEX Singapore 2007

On Sunday my dad and I went to the COMEX computer trade show at Suntec City Convention Centre. It was so vast this year it was spread out across floor 3 and the entire floor space of floors 4 and 6. We ended up spending over six hours there and only covered about three quarters of the exibits!

Unlike the IT Show in Singapore which focuses on general consumer technology like high definition televisions as well as computers, COMEX is almost entirely computers and computer-related goods, though there were also many booths for cameras and a few sound system displays.

Nikon booth at COMEX Singapore 2007

For me it was an experience in itself because it was the first time I used the camera in my Nokia e61i and used the 3G wireless to instantly upload them to Flickr while I was there. You can view the pictures on my Flickr COMEX set page.

All in all I ended up getting for peanuts:

  • a 160GB SATA 7200RPM notebook hard disk to upgrade the 100GB drive in my MacBook Pro – even in a place like Singapore it’s still quite hard to find SATA notebook drives
  • a flexible cover for my mobile phone
  • an external DVD+RW dual layered drive and media – my MacBook Pro’s SuperDrive can read dual layered media but can’t write to them)
  • some 2700 rechargeable batteries for my camera and MadPlayer
  • and a set of Apocalpx computer speakers with… wait for it… a valve tube amplifier!

I'm listening to these speakers now and the quality is just stunning. I played Roxy Music's Avalon from a CD and the clarity was absolutely breathtaking. I'll definitely have to put up a dedicated post about them here and review them on the Rubenerd Show.

There's something about a glowing bulb showing up on your desk at night while you listen to a smooth jazz track that's just… nice :).

COMEX Singapore 2007

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