From the I Can't Believe They're Serious department, Bruce Schneier has blogged about a hilarious memory key product (link fixed) that doesn't get its security from sound, well implemented cryptography, but from.. get this… a two wheel physical combination lock that hides the contact pins!

Make sure your important files are locked up with a Combination Lock USB Flash Drive. Each custom flash drive uses two 10-digit dials to provide access to the USB plug and keep your files safe.

The best (and most revealing) part of the product description is in the second paragraph.

A great gift for technology companies, these logoed flash drives show potential customers how seriously your company takes its security.

Yes, yes it does.

What's worrying is I'd wager a nice sushi lunch that if someone like Senator Conroy saw this, he'd buy hundreds of them and use them to carry around sensitive, confidential government data about us. I'm scared, really scared.