#SG19 Coffee Bean at Bishan, take t(h)ree


The cliché Singlish accent pronounces three as tree, though as a stupid angmoh at best I can only offer an approximation. Wah, so good is it. 🇸🇬

Today’s pointless Singapore nostalgia post comes from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the Junction 8 shopping centre in Bishan. If this sounds familiar, I’ve written from here back in 2008, and mentioned it yesterday. I’m certain I did another post in the intervening years, complete with a silly laptop coffee photo like below, but I can’t find it right now.

An all too familiar photo layout of my laptop, a coffee, and a café.

This was my local café on the way to my first full time job out of high school, and sometimes I’d come for lunch. It was also where my friend Felix and I studied for our final high school exams when the AIS moved to Lorong Chuan. It seems like so long ago now; perhaps because increasingly it is. Is this what getting old feels like?

Anyway, this is my office for working remote today. I’m glad among the churn of food and retail here, this branch still exists after all this time :). Shiok.

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