Cody’s Lab is one of my favourite science YouTube channels. He’s a personable and talented chemist in rural Utah who makes and refines all manner of materials in his home lab. His most famous videos revolve around extracting precious metals, and smelting ore using nothing more than desktop furnaces and crucibles.

The other reason I love his videos is because they comes across as honest and personal. They’re not overproduced with background music and thirty cuts a minute, it’s just a man and his tools. Heavens. It’s perfect for chilling to on the couch in the evenings, while still learning something fun.

Watch Cody make charcoal out of sunflowers

Since May this year he’s been making charcoal out of various materials, so I was keen to catch up on his wild sunflower episode he released last week. It was fascinating, but what I wasn’t expecting was getting a great new desktop background out of it at the end!