Australian Coalition repeals mining tax


Sunrise Dam Mine

The government, selling its budget:

Joe Hockey has told New Zealand that there is no crisis in the Australian
economy, nor is it in trouble.

The treasurer also made no mention of the "budget emergency" he and his
government referred to when justifying their unpopular budget to Australians.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Revenue forfeited from the mining tax:

delivered a $6.5 billion hit over four years to the budget bottom line.

And how did they pass it?

after striking a compromise with the Palmer United Party

Remind us again who runs that party?

The Palmer United Party (PUP) is an Australian political party, formed by
mining magnate Clive Palmer in April 2013

Greens Senator Christine Milne:

And if ever there is a conflict of interest, it is this one. How is it possible that you can have a coal billionaire voting to vote down a mining tax?

Featured image of the Sunrise Dam open pit mine by Calistemon.

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