Sydney Chinese New Year market photos #CNYSYD


#CNYSYD in the early evening

I arrived a little too late for much of the Chinese New Year Markets in Sydney this weekend, but that didn't stop me gorging on dumplings and taking a few photos! Enjoy, and Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

The early evening

#CNYSYD in the early evening  #CNYSYD in the early evening

#CNYSYD in the early evening  #CNYSYD in the early evening

The night

After wandering around enjoying the atmosphere for an hour, I head off to the nearby Starbucks on Elizabeth Street. In Singapore they had Chinese New Year themed drinks with mandarin and other such flavours, but no such luck here. Oh well!

I did some more wandering around Chinatown, then came back after the sun set to take a few more. Without a tripod and with the D60 that looks super grainy even at 1600 ISO it was tough, but still fun :).

#CNYSYD at night

#CNYSYD at night  #CNYSYD at night

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