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Earlier this month CNET's David Carnoy compiled a list of 25 features he wanted for the next generation iTelephone. This is my own personal take on them… which isn't to say other people don't have different needs!

Bad ideas

  • OLED screen. I want my screen to be readable in daylight and have my favourite colours last as long as all the others.
  • RFID. REALLY BAD IDEA. I don’t want to have to carry my phone in a metal sleeve like those new passports!
  • Flash support. Apple refusing to support it on their best selling platform is one of the primary forces behind the elimination of Flash.

Meh ideas

  • Better sound from built-in speakers. Some people play music through the phone’s speakers on the train. I want them lynched.
  • Better Google Voice support. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a North American accent, but Google Voice never really worked well at all anyway.
  • Expandable memory. Not likely, but it’d be cool I suppose. They could have a SIM card like slot if they’re afraid of dirt and disrupting the clean lines.
  • HD output. Why?
  • Less restrictive Bluetooth. As long as they gave the option to keep the restrictions in place.
  • Improved voice control. Never used it in my current iPhone, and have never felt the need to. I suppose others might want it.
  • 802.11n. I guess it’s the natural evolution, but if so give us the option to turn it off to save power.
  • Removable battery. Would rather all that space for a catch mechanism etc be used for extra battery.
  • Improved camera with video chat (camera on front). Ew, video chat.
  • Multitasking. As long as it’s done well, and has the ability to be disabled. WiMo phones were terrible for this, and Android multitasking horror stories are everywhere.

Good ideas

  • Biometric security. As long as it was implemented with sound cryptography instead of just being a gimmick.
  • More memory. Would be nice to have more than 16GiB, but more likely I’d get the same amount which would then be cheaper.
  • Reasonably priced tethering. For the same price that SingTel gives me GB, Optus in Australia gives me MB, and they charge more for tethering -_-.
  • External keyboard support This has been what I’ve been asking for since I got my iPhone. Who would need a crappy netbook then?
  • Better app organization and file management. I’d be happy with just a customisable heading for each page.
  • 4G network compatible. Would be great to use in Singapore, but in most of Australia I barely get 3G. Can we get that working at least, Optus?!
  • Trimmer, sleeker design. Having sides like the iPad would be schweet :)
  • Improved 3D graphics. I’d be content with a more responsive UI, though I suppose I’m still on an iPhone 3G.
  • Faster processor like the A4. This is where Apple really has all their competitors licked. I can’t wait to see the silicon that goes into the next iPhone!
  • Better battery life. Another no-brainer.

I didn't include More carriers or Fewer failed and dropped calls because his critique was aimed at US phone companies.

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