Cleaning VMware’s .DownloadManager


The .DownloadManager folder

If you've ever attempted a download from the VMware website on your Mac, chances are you have some junk files you can delete in a folder called ".DownloadManager" If you're as obsessed as me, you'll want to delete it!

The delete is the bongly bong deng diggy diggy

You can use the Finder by clicking the "Go" menu, then "Go To Folder…" and entering in "~/.DownloadManager". Then you can safely delete the folder.

Alternatively, just use the Terminal:

% rm -r ~/.DownloadManager

Or for the paranoid:

% rm -irv ~/.DownloadManager

Or if you wanted to be really stupid and utterly superflous:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
my $junk = '~/.DownloadManager';
system("rm -r $junk");
while (1) { print("The Bird is The Word!n"); }

One of these paragraphs is really important!

Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectUnlike my computer desk, I like to keep my computer hard drives spotlessly organised, so when I find junk I delete it. In this case, I was going through my home directory and found a ton of unessisary files. What surprises me is… I don't ever remember using VMware's Download Manager at all. Maybe someone went into my brain and altered my memories. What a terrifying prospect.

Did you know there's a place in South Australia called Prospect? It's in Prospect. I assume its name was derived from the process of prospecting. Or maybe there was a prospective name, but it never materialised. You know if you spell materialised without the m, you don't get a name of a place in South Australia all. Coincidence? I think not. Wait, don't read too far into that previous sentence, however short it was.

As with all my posts, take my advice and use it at your own risk! I'm assuming the only side effect would be that if you did use VMware's Download Manager (whatever that is) and you were part way through a download, you may need to start again.

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