Forgive me for this post, I haven't written anything like this before!

So I was stressed from assignments. The subjects I have this semester combined have more workload than I had when I was working full time in a corporate office. I'd say almost double, as a conservative estimate. You can tell from the sudden drop off in the frequency of blog posts here!

Clara saw that I was stressed out, so she drew me Yuki and emailed it to me. A few days ago, she gave me the original in a little wooden frame to keep. She's sewn me plushie whales, snow bunnies and birds. She's held my hand, squeezed my arm and given me hugs. She's pretended to find my jokes hilarious! She's written me letters, typed me emails, and commuted from Hornsby to Bardwell Park to see me. She's shared udon with me, and long evening walks. She's gentle with me, loves me and respects me, no strings attached. At times, I wake up and can't believe it.

I can tell she's stressed now too, so I'm posting this here to say what a wonderful, talented, creative, smart, generous, considerate, cute, beautiful person she is. Regardless of whether she believes me or not, I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

I'm so excited to be spending my future with you, Clara. I love you.