I saw this Cisco tweet via Zack Whittaker on TechCrunch for TechCrunch:

We’re aware of some disruption to our IT systems and we’re working on restoring them as a top priority. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this.

Surprisingly, it only solicited a single tweet asking if they’d tried turning it off and on again. I’d never be caught repeating the same joke over and over again; as opposed to repeating the same joke but not over again? How would that work? I need to stop airing my internal monologue here. Except this isn’t a podcast episode, so it’s more like writing my internal monologue. Have you ever noticed monologue sounds similar to mongoose, until the part of the word where it doesn’t? Same thing with monospaced, an attribute for which this paragraph does not harbour. Can you harbour attributes? Would that only work if it were a boat?

I feel for people when this happens. It’s bad enough that their internal network went down, but now you have the added pressure from the public, journalists, and shareholders given you’re a network company.

There will be at least one sleepless night for some engineers. If you know them, maybe buy them a beer or a cup of tea.