Churning to Superloop


Our Australian home internet finally churned from SkyMesh to Bevan Slattery’s Superloop that bought the former last year. I got this message:

Hi Ruben, your service transition to Superloop is now complete. You may experience 10-20 minutes of downtime. If you experience any ongoing downtime, please power cycle your router and then contact our support team on $REDACTED. Thank you.

Our connection was down for hours, though that was certainly the fault of NBNco. As promised, our existing PPPoE creds still worked.

With this complete, we have a week before we move. We’ve been tentatively told our new apartment has FTTB that should be compatible with their service; hopefully it’s true. Australian internet is such a crapshoot.

We were extraordinarily lucky that FTTN worked well for us here; the antiquated, high-voltage Malcolm Turnbull box was right outside our complex, and evening speeds were never too much of an issue. That said, Superloop has already been noticeably faster.

Update, 12th February: We moved house, and have now been waiting six days for them to transfer to our new address. Multiple days between support tickets and updates. Not impressed.

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