Chitanda drawing from @hanezawakirika


Chitanda by @hanezawakirika

A few weeks ago, Clara and I decided to make productive use of our Northern Line commuting time by watching anime! We’ve been watching a ton of stuff from this season, as well as catching up and finishing some old favourites like Chuunibyou. I ended up enjoying that series way more than I thought I would, but that’s the subject for another post.

Now that we’re watching Hyouka again, Clara surprised me a couple of days ago with another of her adorable original artworks, this time of the legendary curious Chitanda! Naturally, she says it’s no good. I think you’d agree with me she’s full of absolute nonsense!

I don’t have any Chitanda figs [yet], so I surrounded her with Yuki, another character I see Clara in when I watch anime. I think it’s fitting d(^_^)b.

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