Checking if FreeBSD geli is using AES-NI


geli(8) is the interface to FreeBSD’s preferred drive encryption system, similar in practical operation to LUKS on Linux, and cgdconfig on NetBSD as I’ve recently learned. It can use the aesni(4) kernel driver to interface with AES-NI on compatible CPUs for better performance, or it performs cryptographic functions in software.

To use it you want to enable the appropriate drivers in /boot/loader.conf:


Then check whether your CPU supports AES-NI by looking at dmesg(8):

# grep AES /var/run/dmesg.boot

You should see something similar to the following:

aesni0: <AES-CBC,AES-CCM,AES-GCM,AES-ICM,AES-XTS> on motherboard
GEOM_ELI: Encryption: AES-XTS 256

If not, geli will continue to attach your devices but will warn you of your ancient hardware that you haven’t got around to replacing cough, or your hypervisor isn’t passing through AES-NI to its guests:

aesni0: No AES or SHA support.
GEOM_ELI: Encryption: AES-XTS 256

Once you’ve attached your geli devices, you can inspect geli list to check how the crypto is being performed. For example, this is one of my Xeon Microservers:

Geom name: gpt/<SERIAL>.eli
EncryptionAlgorithm: AES-XTS
KeyLength: 256
Crypto: hardware
Version: 7

And here’s a drive attached to my Celeron Microserver box that I should get around to rebuilding one day with AES-XTS. Note the use of software for crypto:

Geom name: gptid/<SERIAL>.eli
EncryptionAlgorithm: AES-CBC
KeyLength: 192
Crypto: software
Version: 7

I’m not aware of a circumstance where AES-NI exists, aesni and geom_eli is loaded, and geli will still elect to preference software crypto, but I’d defer to the maintainers to say conclusively.

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